DayPak Back Pack
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The DayPak™ is a day-tripping dog lover's delight! A modest capacity pack featuring saddlebag-style construction, it's ideal for both quick getaways and everyday errands. Designed with ease-of-use and comfort in mind, the DayPak™ packs plenty of cool features. Enjoy the convenience of storing your day-trip essentials with spacious, expandable pockets. Conveniently adjust to the perfect fit with streamlined ladder locks and side-release buckles. And—when you're ready to roll—simply attach your dog's leash directly to the pack's D-ring clip. This upgraded dog backpack also features stylish, high-visibility colors (available in green and blue) and enhanced reflective accents.


  • Includes expandable pockets to maximize storage
  • D-ring clip for universal leash attachment
  • High contrast colors and reflective accents to increase visibility
  • Side-release buckles and ladder locks for maximum adjustability
  • Rugged nylon construction

Measure the Dog's Girth to get the correct size:

Small 26" 15-30 lbs
Medium 31" 30-55 lbs
Large 36" 55-85 lbs





  • Item #: K93001

DayPak Back Pack

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