Dog Saddle Bag in Black Neoprene
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Priced $48.30 to $57.75 based on size
Currently available in Medium, Large, and X Large.
These Neoprene SADDLE-BAGS were designed with the dog's ultimate comfort in mind.  The double-layered mesh lining and neoprene pockets make the Saddle-Bags lightweight and airy.
The SADDLE-BAGS attach around and below your dog's stomach and stay in place with the mesh chest strap and adjustable velcro closure system.
Click on the Paw to see dogs wearing saddle bags in action!
- Reflective
- Waterproof
- Self-Ventilating
- Lightweight & Flexible
- Comfortable for the Dog
- Easy to Put On & Take Off
- Simple, Secure 'hook & loop' closure system

  • Item #: K9SADDLEB

Dog Saddle Bag-BLACK

Price: $48.30
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