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EZ Paws is a revolutionary shoe that is easy to put on.

This is a high quality sock made of a cotton/spandex/elasten dipped in a rubber compound for those wet and rainy or even dry cold days. The waterproof sock is ideal for added paw protection as well as protection against allergens on grass or in any environment.

Also recommended for Hot Surfaces for a quick potty break in the hot climates where the outdoor surface temperature on asphalt, concrete, and rocks could blister the tender pads on your dog.

They are also perfect to use indoors to prevent slipping on hardwood, ceramic or tile surfaces. This is ideal for those elderly dogs that have hip issues and struggle to get up. It provides the proper grip so they don't strain their joints.

Each package comes equipped with 4 shoes and 4 Velcro straps for added stay-on protection.

  To Measure:   Trace tightly around one front and one back paw on a sheet of paper, including trimmed nails: Measure the Length and Width of the traced paw and compare it to the chart below. Choose the closest size of the measured length and width. (if it is in between then choose the next size up).  If you are having difficulty determining the right size, please e-mail Robin at:  robin@k9hikinggear.com. She will e-mail you back with the recommended size for your dog.

XX Small  1.25  .75 
Extra Small  1.50  1.00 
Small 2.00 1.50
Small Plus 2.25 1.75
Medium 2.50 2.00
Medium Plus 2.75 2.25
Large 3.25 2.50


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