FIRST AID KIT for Dog Paws
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High Quality First Aid Kit designed for Dog Paw Injuries.

The Dog Paw 1st Aid Kit™ has all the items necessary to treat minor paw injuries.  You can be out on the trail, walking the neighborhood, or at home, and find yourself needing quick access to treat an Injured Paw.  Thorns, cactus, plant burrs, minor cuts, abrasions, burns, torn nails, are some of the most common injuries. 

A high number of emergency visits to the Vet is related to a dog stepping on something and damaging their paw and needing Immediate First Aid.  Without treating the paw quickly more damage could occur.

The Dog Paw 1st Aid Kit™ is thoughtfully designed for the dog owner:  

The pouch itself is made with a heavy duty but very lightweight fabric to reduce overall weight.  It has a belt loop to attach it to your belt, or it comes with a carabiner clip to attach it anywhere you like. We made it slightly oversize to allow you to put in your own items to reduce the need to carry another pouch.



*(1) 5 1/2" Hemostat Plier - for pulling thorns, etc. from the paw

*(1) 5" Grooming Comb - for removing burrs, etc. embedded in the fur

*(2) Triple Anti-Bacterial Cream 0.5g Packs - to help stop infection

*(1) Stop Bleed Styptic Gel (1 FL. OZ.) - to stop bleeding and has a pain reliever

*(1) Cohesive Wrap 2" x 5 Yds roll - a self adherent multi-use vet wrap

*(2) 2" x 2" Gauze Pads – to cover and protect a wound

*(1) Dog Paw First Aid Guide – A guide to help treat your pet’s paw


Size and weight:

Size:       6 inches (15.2cm) Long

              4.5 inches (11.4cm) High

              2.5 inches (6.3cm) Wide

Weight:   6.6 oz (.187kg)

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FIRST AID KIT for Dog Paws

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