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New Multifunctional I-Grip Dog Leash will make the process of handling even easier! You will be excited with the highest quality Nylon Dog Leash with Brass Snap Hooks, as it may be used for different purposes, like training and walking. Due to 6 power-rubber lines you will definitely feel better grip while handling!


Key features of this Dog Leash:

  • High quality brass snap hook
  • Several stitched O-rings
  • Multifunctional use
  • Nylon with 6 power-rubber lines
  • Advanced grip material
  • 3/4 inch (20 mm) wide nylon
  • Traditional classic design

Intended use of this Dog Leash:

  • Walking your dog
  • Training your dog
  • Schutzhund training
  • Police or security patrolling
  • Obedience training
  • Tracking training









The I-Grip:

The entire leash has rubber infused into the nylon giving it excellent grip from top to bottom. It's really easy to hold onto if you have to grab the leash to shorten the distance. 

The Nylon Advantage:

  • Nylon is super strong;
  • it stands bad weather easily;
  • the material is water resistant;
  • Nylon never stretches;
  • it doesn't lose its color;
  • it is highly resistant to rot, mold, dew, insects, animals and lots of chemicals;
  • its surface does not irritate your touch

Several possible ways of How to Use this Nylon Leash in 7 ft (210 cm) length (5 ft (150 cm) is a little different in usage):

  • Make an over the shoulder Leash by bringing the handle end over your shoulder opposite to the side you wish to walk your dog, across your back and up under your armpit. Attach that leash clip to the floating O-ring so to create a loop across your upper body. The other end is to be attached to the dog.

  • Fold double your leash making 3.5 ft (105 cm) length. You need to attach the snap hook on the handle end of the leash to the O-ring which is sewed into the other end.

  • Use it as a tether! Wrap the leash around some object. Attach the snap hook on the handle end to the floating O-ring. Please be advised, you shouldn't leave your dog unattended while tethered. 


  • Turn it into 20 inch Traffic Leash by making a 3.25' Leash and then grab the floating O-ring and slide it to the end of the leash opposite the clipped ends. Now bring the O-ring back to the clipped end essentially folding the leash in half. Clip the floating O-ring using the same clip that is attached to the fixed O-ring.


  • Make a Waist Leash by wrapping it around your waist and clipping the snap hook to the floating ring. If you clip the snap hook right to the floating ring, it will make it fixed on your waist instead of falling down like a loose pair of pants. Then attach your dog and you are ready to go!


  • Save by walking 2 dogs at once! Simply attach one dog to each leash snap and hold the leash in the middle.


  • Brass hardware:
  • Lightweight:
  • Nylon:
  • Water Proof:
  • Item #: K9L40


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