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Dog World 2011 Editors Choice Award

If you're looking for the toughest dog shoes in the world, you've found them!!!

*Price Range is $23.10 to $25.10 based on size.

This model is the shoe of choice for the winter season. The upper is of a water-resistant neoprene material and the sole is made by an injection molding process which resembles that of a running shoe. The rubber is formed to cover the entire paw area of the shoe and rise around the seams. Heel reinforcement & Toe Caps have been added for maximum durability. This process has been developed for your dog's ultimate comfort and protection.

WHY THE REGULAR PERFORMANCE?: A less expensive alternative to the High Performance Shoes.  The upper is a water-resistant neoprene and the sole is made of an injection moulded rubber for added strength. Although the sole does differ and offers less rubber over and above the seams than the High Performance shoe, the Regular shoes are also extremely durable especially now with the new toe cap design! 

If added quality, strength and performance are required, the High Performance shoes are the footwear of choice. Please note: Even though they are available in the smaller sizes, we do not recommend that any dog below 15 pounds wear the High Performance shoe. They will be too bulky and not stay on properly. These Regular Performance shoes would be more suitable than the High Performance.

Our shoes have become the product of choice for many search and rescue teams including C.E.R.T. (the California Hope Emergency Crisis Response Teams), as well as Guide Dogs for the Blind, Germany’s Deutschland Polizeibeamter, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Texas Border Patrol, US Border Patrol units, and many others such as veterinarians and canine physical therapists .And OUR SHOES STAY ON!

 For dog's that drag their paws, we suggest you use the Shoe Goo to extend the life of the shoes!

These Winter boots are NOT to be used INDOORS for extended periods of time or in the HEAT.  For the warmer months please refer to the Reinforced Energy Summer shoe or Cool Performance Summer shoe.

 IMPORTANT: The shoes are sold in (PAIRS) = 2 shoes since your dog's rear paws may be smaller; so please measure them as well.  It is important to get the paws measured properly to get a good fit.

Please be sure to click on the correct size so you get the right shoe for your dog.


  To Measure:   Trace tightly around one front and one back paw on a sheet of paper, including trimmed nails: Measure the Length and Width of the traced paw and compare it to the chart below. Choose the closest size of the measured length and width. (if it is in between then choose the next size up).  If you are having difficulty determining the right size, please e-mail Robin at She will e-mail you back with the recommended size for your dog.

Click HERE to watch how to put on the shoes

Extra Small  1.50  1.00 
X Small Plus  1.75  1.25
Small  2.00  1.50
Small Plus  2.25  1.75 
Medium 2.50 2.00
Medium Plus 2.75 2.25
Large 3.25 2.50
Large Plus 3.50 2.75
Extra Large  3.75  3.00 
X Large Plus  4.00  3.25 
XX Large Plus  5.00  3.75 



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Neoprene Regular Winter Dog Shoe

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